Key Points


Wake has a 7-year history of trading global markets through a wide variety of strategies, multiple market cycles and risk events. The managers have a long track of managing institutional funds.


Wake has developed first rate screening, portfolio and risk management tools across and within each asset class


Wake has always prided itself in its high level of transparency and ongoing investor communication.


Wake offers investors direct access to account managers and portfolio managers


Wake offers various tailored solutions to meet specific investor needs.


Wake uses a combination of investment styles applying good sense into the balance between quantitative and qualitative investing


The principles have an average of 22 years experience in the financial industry and have been working together for the last 12 years.


Wake operates a fully integrated platform from front to back, including dedicated professionals in Trading, Operations, Marketing and Client Relations, Compliance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Accounting.


Wake has built a strong franchise over the last ten years and benefits from excellent coverage from banks and brokers worldwide