Wake Segregated Portfolio 1

Launched in December of 2003 as a convertible bond arbitrage fund, Wake SP1 has evolved into  a multi-strategy fund with  a strong focus on convertible bonds.

Strategies encompass convertible arbitrage (systematic screening for equity, credit and interest rate volatility capture), volatility arbitrage, fixed income arbitrage (from distressed to investment grade), capital structure and event driven.

Fund Structure/Contacts
Domiciliation Cayman OEIC
Legal Advisor Maples & Calder
Prime Brokers Goldman Sachs / Credit Suisse / Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Administrator Bank of New York Mellon Dublin
Auditors Grant Thornton
Management & Perf. Fee 2% & 20%
Liquidity / Redemption Monthly / One Month
High Water Mark Yes
Early Redemption Balance on Mgmt Fee (1st Year)
Contacts info@wakeam.com

Fund Documentation

Monthly Reports